Projects we are working on

Nightmare House

WORKING TITLE: Nightmare House

Due to be published – June 2021

Set in Post Napoleonic Spain.

The Heroine’s evil Uncle has raised her since her mother’s death. Now she must die to stop her claiming her inheritance, but how? At least the Uncle has friends to help with the task and an old hunting lodge in the mountains to keep her prisoner.

Can she escape from her prison, the titular ‘Nightmare House’? Can she find out what happened to her Father? Can she work out why she is so despised?

WARNING: Contains violence, gender issues and references to sexual violence.

A Man for His Own Reasons.

WORKING TITLE: A Man for His Own Reasons.

Due to be published – June 2021


Gary returns from National Service with several years’ training as a manipulative crook and abuser. No one is safe if they get in his way, especially if they are young, female and attractive – especially if they are the daughter of his despised ex-boss. Can the Narrator, whose story is presented as if it has been ‘ghost written’, put the puzzle pieces of evidence together to prove murder, before it is too late? If he cannot, who will punish the perpetrator?

WARNING: Contains violence, references to sexual violence and abuse throughout.


WORKING TITLE: Beyond the Gates of Reason


WARNING: Contains sexual scenes and references to existential issues.



WORKING TITLE: In Search of ‘Married Love’

WARNING: Contains discussions of sexual and relationship issues throughout.

WORKING TITLE: Parapsychology a Personal Journey.

WARNING: Contains references to existential issues.

Snake Eyes


Due to be published – November 2021

The Hero and Heroine meet over a house purchase and form a platonic relationship. Neither realize that a member of the Heroine’s management team has his own plans for the young woman, and the Hero is now in the way.

WARNING: Contains repeated sexual discussions and portrayals of the sex act. Some references to sexual violence.

Five Birds


Due to be published – December 2021

The Major and his side-kick must have their sport and what better sport than to ‘score’ the woman who made fools of them last year, especially if they can add in the woman’s 2 young teenage daughters into the bargain at the same time. This time nothing can go wrong, this time there will be no survivors to tell tales.

WARNING: Contains scenes of violence, violent death, abduction, abuse, and references to sexual violence.

Spanny House


Due to be published – Feb 2022

Have you ever dreamt of waking up one morning to find you have inherited a great house? What could go wrong? Ok so you may have to deal with a pack of uncared-for spaniels and the inheritance may include 100 years of film archive, but what can be wrong with that? Don’t all old houses carry the risks of ‘ghosts’? but do ‘ghosts’ usually carry knives and guns and kill people?

Can our heroine discover the pitfalls before the pitfalls discover her?

WARNING: Contains violence, and references to sexual violence.

The Beast of Marton

WORKING TITLE: The Beast of Marton.

Due to be published – Feb 2022

Set in the early 1900s by the shores of the Irish sea, Marton is about to be consumed by its neighbour Blackpool, whose motto is ‘Progress’. Blackpool is proud of its forward-looking culture, the electrified street cars called trams, the lights, the forward-looking town council. Marton stands with its back to the future, facing the past. The Marton Folk resent progress. If they had a motto it would have probably been, ‘watch out for the marsh and the swamp land’, or maybe ‘watch out for the beast that lurks beneath the black water’. Well, not that they ever spoke of the beast, they still don’t.

Shirley Holmes and her bosom companion Dorothy (Dot) Watson have decided to take a rest from writing detective fiction and have given their fictional author and detective ‘Mr Doyle’ a month off. It was not Shirley’s fault that Dot decided on Marton as a great ‘nowhere’ place to put their feet up. It was not Dot’s fault that there had been too many disappearing virgins for the locals to cover up that month. Ok, so young girls often eloped without telling their parents, but they usually took all their limbs with them, they certainly did not leave legs hanging from a nearby tree.

WARNING: Contains violence and references to sexual violence.

The Sickle and the Lyre

WORKING TITLE: The Sickle and the Lyre.

Due to be published – Mar 2022

Set in Britain at the time of the Boudican rebellion.

Can our young heroine persuade the travelling man they all referred to as a Druid to take her with him as an apprentice, or will she be sacrificed to the lusts of a man from a nearby village. More importantly for the man they call a Druid, can he discover the Roman plan to destroy the Druid island off the coast and remove all Druidry from Britain? More importantly, can he warn his fellows and guard the old secrets?

WARNING: Contains violence, gender issues and references to sexual violence.

A Girls Guide to Practical Magic

WORKING TITLE: A Girls Guide to Practical Magic

Due to be published – Mar 2022

Being 14 is hard. Being a girl is hard. Being misunderstood all the time is hard. Not being like the other girls is hard. Life is hard and to make life worse, the girls who like sports and the boys who like sports have decided to give our Heroine to a gang of lads for sport. Which way to escape, left or right, or stay and fight, or stay and take what’s coming. Some choices in life are difficult to make and sometimes it is a case of ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’. Maybe this time it is ‘out of the frying pan and into the cauldron’.

WARNING: Contains violence, and references to sexual violence and the pains of growing up.

Maths from the First Basics

WORKING TITLE: Maths from 1+1=2

During lockdown Nige has been working on a number of simple maths books intended for those of us who are trying to teach or support our children in maths education. The series is also intended to go over the simple underpinnings that the rest of us forgot, or never learnt at school. Each book is written for an adult audience and generally adopts a conversational style. At no time is any attempt made to follow any particular curriculum.

Currently in the first stage of production

Series: First steps in Maths

Number order and place keepers

Long Division and Multiplication


Simple Quadratic equations

Linear Equations and Simple Simultaneous Linear Equations

Presenting and Understanding Data: Graphs and pie charts

Further topics in Maths:

Basic Calculus

Raising to powers and Scientific Notation

An introduction to: Mathematics to Base ‘n’

An Introduction to: Mathematic Modelling

An Introduction to: Statistics.

An Introduction to: Fitting a line to graphically expressed datsa

WARNING: Contains numbers!