Antonia Phylicia Vospa-Ross.

Tona, or Phil was born in the 1950’s. Phil made a first attempt at writing in the late 60’s after receiving a present of a new ‘dip in’ pen nib and a ream of ‘foolscap’ paper. A second novel writing attempt was made in the 1970’s, after receiving a portable typewriter. These early attempts ended in frustration and failure. In the 1980’s Phil received a BBC ‘model B’ computer with all the necessary add-ons to knock out a masterpiece of literature. This time words did appear and in sufficient quantity to be called a novel. Now we have a salutary warning for all writers. (Please Note Well). Phil’s files were saved onto 5.25-inch floppies with a now incompatible file format. If you wish to read more of this saga, it is written out on a separate page in full under the heading “A salutary warning about file formats.”